Watercolour Commissions

I take watercolour commissions, so if you're struggling to think of a special gift for someone who has everything, this is ideal for you! If it's a wedding gift, why not get a painting of the ceremony venue or the reception? Maybe there is a place which has special meaning to the recipient?

The process is simple. I paint from a photograph which I can source or you can provide. If there are some options then I may make a few sketches from you to choose from. I will draw out the sketch and send you a progress picture. Then I'll send you a picture of the finished painting for approval. Once you have approved it, I will get it mounted (unless it is the card option).

Payment is half up front, non-refundable retainer and balance on completion.


10x8 painting in a 14x12 double mount £50
8x6 painting as a 10x8 card £26

If you'd like a larger painting I can give you a quote. It usually takes 1-2 weeks to complete a commission.

To commission a painting please ring me on 0191 2864014 or email gillian@gilliancrossx.art

The paintings below were all gifts. Lodore Falls for a 1st wedding anniversary present (paper!), Winnat's Pass for an anniversary (where the couple met) and St Thomas' church in Leigh on a card for a wedding anniversary.


Lodore Falls Hotel