A week in Scotland - Travel sketching day six, Lochan a'Ghleannain

8 Oct 2018

On this day, we drove into Aberfoyle to hire some bikes. You can park at the free car park just behind Aberfoyle Bike Hire or they can deliver the bikes to you, depending on where you are. We didn't know this beforehand but hey ho.

We cycled along to the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park where we'd walked on day two. The tracks were quite up and down in places and very gravelly and stony. In one part there were rough stone cobbles which was hard going! But absolutely beautiful scenery. We had stopped for lunch in the picture below.


Onward we cycled to Kinlochard - which was only up the road from our holiday apartment. There was a tea room there which had been recommended to us. It was called The Wee Blether. It was very quirky, with rows of teapots hanging along the eaves and upturned boats in the garden area. We sat outside on the deck overlooking Loch Ard and had a drink and delicious cake.

We set off again, back the same way initially but then took a slightly different route and ended up on some of the track we'd walked before but going the opposite direction. I knew there was a picnic table at one of the bits of water so I had plans to sketch there. As it happened, the table was taken but I found a root or a rock to sit on nearer to the water. I sketched quickly and didn't finish, as we wanted to get on. So we headed off again, down a smaller track back to the road which took us back to Aberfoyle.


The picture above was what I finished at the time, and the picture below was after I'd added some final details back at the apartment. Mainly some darker shading and the dappled leaves on the middle ground trees.


We cycled 14 or 15 miles and my phone said 13,000 steps...but I think that was all of the bumps from the rocky cobbles!

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